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  • Contact TSL directly to purchase a Full Platform License. You cannot buy the TSL Platform License here. Here you can buy Products sold by Trading System Lab, but not including the TSL Platform License.
  • Contact TSL with any questions. 408-356-1800
  • The TSL Store sells only the TSL Indicator Set, not the Trading System Lab Platform. Contact TSL directly to purchase a Full Platform License. 408-356-1800.
  • The TSL Incicator set consists of the 9 indicators used to make the TSL Flash Demos. These indicators are compatible with TradeStation and MultiCharts. Open each indicator to view usage instructions.
  • The complete Indicator package sells for $999.
  • Here is a list of the indicators:
  • 1. Discrete Fourier Transform
  • 2. Indicator Serial Correlation
  • 3. Random Trend
  • 4. Hilbert-Williams Variable Accumulation Distribution
  • 5. Temporal Volatility Day of Week
  • 6. Day of Week Movement
  • 7. Day of Week Movement-End Of Day
  • 8. Bars on Chart
  • 9. Plot Equity Lines and Bands
  • These Indicators can assist you in developing Trading Strategies manually or through the Trading System Lab Machine Learning Platform. With these indicators you will get more information regarding volatility, movement, Day of Week movement, Cycles, Randomness and other factors. These Indicators are provided to Full TSL Platform License holders at no cost.

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